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Newstead Scotland

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Information on the village of Newstead in Scotland.

Newstead Organisations

Newstead Youth Group

Youth Group running on Tuesday evenings from 6.30pm to 8.30pm in Newstead Village Hall. For kids aged between 10yrs and 16yrs, in the Melrose and surrounding areas. Run by three volunteers. Have all legal cover and clearances required and insurances etc, are also affiliated with Youth Scotland. Like to find out more then call 01896 822564 or 01896 823514 ... [more]


Newstead Village Hall

The Newstead Village Hall, a quaint hall, ideal for smaller gatherings be it parties, family gathering, demo' evenings, meetings, funeral services etc etc. It is managed by a Committee of local people. Village Hall Committee. Chairman: John Brown, 17 Rushbank, Newstead (01896 822564) Secre ... [more]


The Newstead Village Website

This new Newstead Village site is now up and running. Secretaries of all local clubs, community groups and not-for-profit organisations are invited to apply for space on the site to advertise their organisations and events. There is NO charge for this. Contact charlie@bordernet.co.uk. or Tel: 01835 823745 If you would like to become a featured business and take advantage of an inexpe ... [more]


Melrose Primary School

Primary age pupils normally attend Melrose Primary School. The school has an excellent website offering information, contacts, forthcoming events etc. Melrose Primary School ... [more]


Newstead Clubs and Organisations

Melrose and District Community Council Newstead Hall Committee Melrose Primary School ... [more]


Gaelic in the Borders

Information on Gaelic in the Borders has been moved and can be found at: Gaelic in the Borders ... [more]


Newstead Village Committee

For details contact Mr W. Kerr on 01896 822467 ... [more]


Borders Asperger & Autism Group Support

Borders Asperger & Autism Group Support B.A.A.G.S. offers support, advice and friendship to parents, relatives, friends and anyone with an interest in Asperger syndrome, autism or related behav ... [more]


Melrose & District Community Council.

Contact Mr W.Kerr for details 01896 822467 ... [more]


Last Update: 05/08/2016

Newstead Organisations